Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hot or Not

Things that are in this spring season!!

In: Dark Nails. Glossy or Matte.

In: Boho Braids! So fast and easy to do and great for moms that are on the run, so you don't take a lot of time doing your hair but you look fashionable!

In: Center part and loose waves. The center part is always classy and modern!

In: Berry lips. Not so bright and not so dark. Anyone can pull off a berry lip if you find the right shade! This color is gorgeous and can fit almost anyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New hair!

This Client decided to do a small change that made a big difference! We cut her hair into an A-line shape. We bleached some chunks to make peek-a-boos and streaks on top. We then covered them with a firey red and did the rest with a deep black!!


Everyday Hair Care

I have my favorite products for every day hair care!
First and foremost, I do not wash my hair every day. Your hair creates natural oils that are good for your hair and help it to get back to or maintain a healthy state.

We'll start off with Shampoo/Conditioner. My Favorite at the moment (it always changes :).) is Joico K-Pak. It is perfect for color treated hair. It is reconstructing and moisturizing which is always what you want if you have colored hair. Its amazing quality and not super expensive!!
After shampoo and conditioner I always recommend a leave in conditioner. My favorite one is the It's A 10! With keratin. It is called that because it does 10 things instantly once you've put it in your hair. It defrizzes, moisturizes, protects against heat, and uv damage, seals the cuticle, the keratin rebuilds your hair from inside out, and much more! This product is a must have!

If you have thinner hair or flat hair I love the kenra root boosting spray. It gives so much lift and volume without leaving the hair feeling dirty.
 After blow-drying your hair if you are going to use a flat iron or curling iron you absolutely need a thermal protectant spray. The one I like is Matrix Gold Heat Iron Spray. It smooths and protects your hair.

Once you've styled your hair you want it to look shiny and healthy. The products I love most for this is the Moroccan Oil and Chi Shine Infusion. The Moroccan oil is all natural and helps heal your hair and seal the cuticles and split ends to look silky and healthy.

The Chi Sine Infusion gives just enough shine to make your hair look healthy but not greasy.

All of these products are so great! They smell awesome and work amazing! It is product that will really make a difference in how your hair looks and feels!!